Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Lost in Colchester..

Howdy! Today was a day, so me and the 'rents thought it was time to go outside of the ole house, to get some fresh air, so they left me to pick the place....
i wonder if they'll ever learn.
so me being me thought "Hay! lets go to that old Asylum in Colchester!"
so off we when in the car to try and find Severalls hospital,
as i only had a rough clue of where it actually was,
(Just actually found out that we were so close to it...)
we ended up looking at the buildings of Colchester general hospital,
and of course, me with the lovely Car sickness thing going on, had to puke on the way outta the hospital (ironic i know) and so we when on a quest to find a place to get me new trousers so we could have a day out, could find anywhere. so had to go home... Fun :P

On the plus side i saw my faveourite movie "The Crying Freeman" today on Tv <3

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Who Am I...?

'm Captian Scarlett Smith! *bows* Nice to meet you, and seen as you'll be reading my ranting, and pure ramblings soon enough, 'm use you would like to know the nature of one's captain.

Startin' wiv' me. *makes wild hand moves* Me name be Scarlett Smith, i be 14.
I live with my... scary, sometimes damn right weird parents, in my beloved Essex...
my parents, are awesome... =] Mr. boho, being my father. and Mrs. Boho being my mother.

My life has been nothing but bohemian from day one.

'm home educated, which i personally think is the best in the world, 'm just to lazy to actually go to school. [and i'm sure my old teachers would say i'm too loud mouthed]

so my day to day life, i do some rather fun things.

i'll be moving on the 30th of january so it'll be a new adventure, well not as much as the last time i moved, being in october [08.]

with new adventures come new ships and crews [as i would say]

My interests at the current moment is, piracy [the early stuffs i don't really need to know about modern day pirates] Asylums, Dress making and reading.

which most likely are pretty weird for someone my age to be interested in but, hay 'm captain scarlett :P

I'll type soon, Goodnight.

Captian S. Smith x